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Tom started his theatrical career at the age of 10 playing Oliver in “Oliver” the musical. He then went on to do local television commercials, regional plays, as well as directed and acted many 8mm comic shorts throughout his early years. His mentor was Douglas Allbritton, famed Director and Drama teacher of both he and Clifford Morts (Praying Small author) performing in all of their High school productions.


Attending the University of Denver notable theatre program, he produced and directed an original musical comedy revue his freshman year, as well as played Master Jacques in Moliere’s “The Miser” and Kurt in Strindberg’s  “Dance of Death”, and in the summer of his sophomore year Tom was fortunate to study in France with playwright Eugene Ionesco and actor Jean-Jacque Dulon, where he had to perform for France’s leading directors of the time.


On his return he learned of the demise of the University of Denver’s theatre program and transferred to the University of Missouri where he was cast   as Giovanni in “ T’is A Pity She’s A Whore” at the Rynsburger theater.


After graduating college he returned to Denver and started producing, directing and acting in the vibrant theatre scene there, with an original comic revue “Siege of the Suburbs” which received much attention and top reviews. Eventually he and his partner Melanie Mayner took over the management of the Victorian Theater Playhouse and opened with “Harold and Maude” playing the lead Harold.

Soon Tom broke into other forms of entertainment and Produced and Directed “The Audience Club Radio Show“ on KBXG am, poking fun at the new phenomenon of talk radio. His talents were not limited to the performance side of the industry either, and became one of Denver’s top theatrical and commercial designers.


In the most recent years Tom returned home to care for his elderly parents, and became involved in the local Film industry, directing the feature “ Soul of A Man” and many local TV commercials, and shorts. He also directed a short in Los Angeles featuring the talents of Steve Eastin and Dee Wallace-Stone of  “E.T.” fame. Tom is also responsible for the design of Talking Horse Theater’s new building with the talents of William Harrison and quite frequently contributes everything from scenic help to video production.

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